Sun. Oct. 22, 2 pm: Stress Less with Ellen Wood

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Ellen Wood presents
Stress Less: The Simplest Secret for a Happy Life

Sunday, October 22, 2-3:30 pm

In small doses stress can make us feel more alive and creative, but chronic stress can erase joy from our lives if we lack the tools to handle our challenges. Experts call stress the number one aging factor and in our fast-paced, uncertain world, there’s plenty to stress about. In her presentation Ellen Wood combines humor with practical action steps for combatting stress, growing younger and living happy.

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Her talk is seasoned with stories of how seven mind/body/spirit habits dramatically and permanently transformed her life, including reversing Alzheimer’s and surviving deep depression. Ellen is an inspirational speaker, columnist and award-winning author and will introduce her new book, Joy! Joy! Joy

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