Sun. October 8, 2 pm: Annie Mattingley's Book Release Party

Book Release Party and After-Death Communication Talking Circle

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OCHO, #8, NM State Hwy 38,
Just east of the Questa traffic light

In celebration of the release of her new book, The After Death Chronicles True Stories of Comfort, Guidance, and Wisdom from Beyond the Veil, Annie will read, sign books, and share some of her own spontaneous contact experiences.

Please bring your questions and experiences for the Talking Circle. Refreshments will be served.

Learn more about Annie Mattingly and her new book:, email:, phone: ­­(575) 586-1792


Local author, Annie Mattingley’s, The After Death Chronicles: True Stories of Comfort, Guidance, and Wisdom from Beyond the Veil, is about ordinary people—plumbers, artistsand accountants, bakers and beauticians, teachers and lawyers (many of them from Taos and Santa Fe County)—who have been able to receive communication from loved ones who have died. The book includes accounts from over eighty people across the continent who have had spontaneous contact with their beloved dead through the diaphanous veil that separates them from the living.

The After Death Chronicles begins with the transformative story of how the author’s daughter, who died in 2010, began speaking to her within weeks in the early morning hours of day after day after day.When she cautiously told people about this contact, she was shocked to find that nearly everyone responded with an experience of their own. This led her to the realization that after-death communication is much more common than is usually assumed. Mattingley was inspired to seek out others to interview who have had similar experiences and to write this book, a hybrid of memoir and research.

The book’s chapters are organized around specific kinds of after-death communication. These include dreams (the most common), verbatim conversations, synchronous experiences, contacts through nature, electrical and physical manifestations, descriptions of the healing results of these occurrences, and suggestions on how to open up to receiving after-death communication. The book inspires in the reader reassurance, courage, grief-healing, and a sense of wonder. It is useful for those in grief, and to those who work with them, and to anyone with questions about death or the afterlife, or whether consciousness continues beyond the grave.

Annie Mattingley has lived in Taos County for more than twenty years. She has an MA in Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies and has been adjunct faculty at UNM Taos (in the Holistic Health and Healing Arts Department) and at John F. Kennedy University. She has taught writing there and privately, mostly as a tool for personal development and self-healing. She’s been a magazine publisher, a hospice volunteer, worked for the Taos Talking Picture Festival, and been a weaver. She lives in the mountains north of Questa, NM with her husband Spencer Floyd.

Hampton Roads Publishing will release The After Death Chronicles on October 6th to honor the seventh anniversary of the author’s daughter’s death. There will be two Taos County Book Release Parties, the first in Taos at SOMOS on Saturday, October 7th at 2 pm and a second the next day, Sunday, October 8th, at OCHO in Questa, also at 2 pm. Both events will include author readings and signings, as well as Talking Circles on After-Death Communication (bring your personal experiences and questions), and refreshments.