Warm up your winter with Hot Stone & Tone at SAGE

Warm up your winter with Hot Stone & Tone at SAGE Acutonics® & Massage.  Barrie Andrews, MFA, LMT has sixteen years experience using hot and cold stones and crystals in massage.  Her signature twist is using Acutonics tuning forks with the stones, combining penetrating heat with sound.



You might catch Barrie whispering to the stones.  That's because her hot stone teacher's mentor was a Cherokee/Scottish medicine woman who taught that the stones have spirits.  They certainly deserve reverence: they help reduce pain, increase circulation, move chi (energy) and can work out those kinks from shoveling snow, but Barrie says they are good "teachers" and transport you to another realm.  Hot stones may make their way one or two at a time into any session, but there is an additional charge for the nirvana of a whole hot stone session.  

Barrie blends East and West with Acutonics sound healing, Shiatsu and medical massage, and has certifications in Oncology and Sports massage. 

Call Barrie for details and appointments at 575-779-9357.