OCHO is located at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Questa, New Mexico along the Enchanted Circle, OCHO hosts art exhibitions, artists in residence from around the globe, workshops, rentals for retreats and seminars, yoga, Acutonics® sound healing and therapeutic massage.


OCHO Offers:

  • Gallery

  • Gong Circles

  • Sound Sanctuary & Healing Arts

  • AirBNB

Our name, Ocho, means "eight" in Spanish and is pronounced “Ohh- cho.”  This lovely onomatopoeia was drawn from our street address, #8 State Hwy 38.  Other apt “8” associations: the Eightfold Path; dry 80 degree loveliness in the summers, the 80-mile Enchanted Circle road trip, the infinity symbol if you flip the number "8" on its side....!