Artist Residencies at OCHO

OCHO Arts + Event space in Questa, New Mexico, has been hosting artists in residence since 2013. Our international and U.S. artists have worked in fields from process painting to printmaking to architecture and ecologically and socially engaged art. We look forward to also hosting sound artists, filmmakers, writers, and more!

OCHO offers open space with a Takach press, drafting table, additional work tables, and the option of an 11 x 11-foot private studio if needed. We host one artist at a time. Private bedroom is adjacent to work area, and use of full kitchen and bath is included. High-speed internet, projector, and exhibition and presentation spaces are available. Exhibition and/or artist talk is encouraged, but optional.

Located one half-hour's drive from Taos, the tiny village of Questa is surrounded by protected wilderness, and is home to a burgeoning arts community. With the Carson National Forest to the east and the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument to the west, you can explore mountain meadows and river chasms, petroglyphs, lakes, streams, an historic adobe church, and a palpable Spanish frontier and multicultural heritage.

OCHO Director, artist Barrie Andrews, likes to think of these residencies as “Resonancies” that respond to the unique environment of northern New Mexico, and stretch visiting artists into places of experimentation, new art forms, collaboration, and interdisciplinary work.

  • Rolling admission throughout the year

  • Residencies of 8, 16, 24 or 32 days duration offered

  • Fee for initial 8-day period is $800; Each additional 8-day period is $250

  • Meals and applicable taxes not included in fees


To Apply:

Download application form HERE. Please follow application instructions in form and submit by email.

PO Box 1464
#8 Highway 38, 
Questa, NM 87556


Phone: (575) 779-9357  

OCHO Artist Residency Flyer Download

Past OCHO Artists in Residence

Daminiat OCHO2.jpg

Damini Celebre, OCHO Artist in Residence, Fall 2016

Damini integrates her visual arts and healing practices by working with the metaphor of landscape: the internal landscape of Soul and external landscape of Nature. Lover of the natural and magical worlds and inner realms, her work invites greater connection to self and the world around us.


Biocultura (Andrea Polli and John Donalds), LEAP, BLM & OCHO Artists in Residence, Fall 2013

BioCultura combines public art, architecture, and networked media to create interventions, events, objects, publications, multi-functional built spaces, and other artworks focused on social transformation. They were LEAP's 2014 NeoRio featured artists.


Rebecca Gilbert, OCHO Artist in Residence, Fall 2015

"Drawing on symbolism collected from the natural world, I create layered woodcuts and print installations that are characterized by a methodical technical approach to art-making and a down-to-earth recognition of my own primal cravings."


Anita McKeown, LEAP, BLM & OCHO Artist in Residence, Summer 2013

Anita is an interdisciplinary artist, producer, and researcher working in the public domain with research interests in open source culture and the impact of technology, ethically and ecologically. She was LEAP's 2013 NeoRio featured artist.